walkwithme.asia is a blog focused on lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories. The aim of the blog is to bring alive stories of hidden gems in Asia within the sectors. The author has a vision of creating a space where individuals from around the world are able to engage with its stories, which includes founding stories and journeys of the many businesses it deals with, and the personalities behind the brands it reaches out to.

Concurrently, as a result of its explorations, the author retails selected items that are appealing to him on this portal in order to provide users with a channel to procure and test the recommendations put forth. Merchandises retailed on this portal are usually limited editions with few items available on a while stock last basis.

The author encourages personalities of brands to collaborate and make this space a successful channel to enrich the life of individuals around the globe. He believes that it is through collaborations that ideas are formed, life is enriched, miracles happened and history is made.

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